UCD Portfolio

My learning is showcased in this portfolio. Various projects I created for my graduate work and classroom are included in my portfolio.
INTE 6750 Reflection Project 
    My Reflection Project focuses on acknowledging and exploring racial identity, equity, and privilege with my colleagues by having "courageous conversations."  The experience centers on a professional development exercise in which I was able to visualize racial privilege among my colleagues.  Although initially it an uncomfortable experience, it forged a pathway for my colleagues and I to have more courageous conversations about our past, present, and future identities. 

Graphic Organizer Assessments
    I designed these assessments for INTE5830 as a way to add more variety to the type of formative assessments I use in class. Using graphic organizers for formative assessments, allows me to give quick feedback to students about their comprehension and ability to organize information. Additionally, the PARCC assessments require students to analyze and graphically organize details
from a text.

Higher Order Thinking Assessments 
    I revised this assessment for INTE5830 in order to incorporate different types of questions requiring higher order thinking. The previous version included standard recall multiple choice or matching questions. The version below includes questions based on a variety of higher order questions strategies. I also earned a Higher Order Questioning Black Belt badge for completing this assignment.