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Online Privacy and Digital Citizenship for Kids

posted Sep 9, 2015, 3:48 AM by Wesley Akers
    When I think about privacy and security in the digital age, I want to halt my social network activity and retreat to simple forms of communication like email. There have been times this semester I have felt that way. When I first started building my base camps and NLS, I was initially uncomfortable with establishing a greater online presence because I felt vulnerable sharing myself with an unknown audience. I was comforted with the idea that I am able to control the content I included on my website and focus on my professional experiences and ideas. I feel I have this cautiousness because I have seen the consequences of careless and foolish use of social networking like Carly the Crunk Bear. Examples like Carly have shaped the ways I use and do not use social media. 

    My students do not approach social networking withe same cautiousness. I often worry about my students' use of social networking and how little they consider the long term implications of their activity. It is very important for teachers and families to show kids how to safely, securely, and intelligently use social networking to avoid making mistakes that would come back to haunt them. Additionally, it is necessary to develop smart social networking habits early so they are engrained in kids' behaviors. I found this collection of resources from Edutopia about Digital Citizenship that would be beneficial for anyone helping kids maintain safety and privacy online.