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Social Media and the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

posted Sep 9, 2015, 3:39 AM by Wesley Akers   [ updated Sep 9, 2015, 3:39 AM ]
    I think the social media coverage of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has only worked for the ALS cause because it has brought some much attention to a disease that was previously not in the headlines. ALS was not high on our radar as a disease communities were working together to bring awareness to and raising money for. I think about the other organizations and events designed to raise money for different types of cancer and ALS was not on the same level until the Ice Bucket Challenge went viral. Now, ALS has high name recognition among people of all ages. One of the greatest benefits is the engagement and involvement of young people under the age of 18. Many kids who were previous unaware of different non-profits’ causes have become apart of learning what it means to educate themselves in a cause and participate in making a difference. Although many question the sincerity of some people’s quest to become more involved in ALS fundraising or research, I think that is not a problem. The Ice Bucket Challenge reminds all of us there are causes in which we care about and those are the causes we need to become more involved in.